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Meeting of European local elected representatives in the European Parliament on the 7th and 8th of February 2019

“Commitment towards a progressive policy across Europe: the role of local authorities in housing, social progress and the fight against the extreme right. “


Thursday 7 and Friday 8 February 2019

GUE / NGL Partnership (Group Confederal Group of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left) and REALPE (Network of elected and progressive local authorities in Europe)

Objectives: these meetings are an opportunity to discuss the policies of the European Union which have an impact on local authorities and share local experiences with elected officials from different EU countries.


Thursday 7th February morning (10am – 12.30pm) (only for French participants)

The challenges of the 2019 European elections

In a context of Brexit and widespread mistrust of the European Union, understanding the situation today for the upcoming elections.

With Marie-Pierre VIEU, MEP.


12h30-14h: Lunch


Thursday, February 7 afternoon (2 pm – 6 pm)

European meetings begin with the interventions of local elected officials from France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Greece …

Social housing and real estate speculation in Europe

Martina Michels, MEP  member of the Regional Development Committee, Die Linke

Françoise Desmedt, Brussels MP PTB, Belgium

Nasos Iliopoulos, candidate mayor of Athens, Deputy Minister of Employment, Greece Syriza

Katalin Gennburg, Member of Parliament Berlin, spokesperson for the group on urban development, smart cities and tourism; DIE LINKE, Germany

José Moury, councilor in Bobigny and head of housing group of ANECR (National Association of elected Communists and Republicans), PCF France

Clara Lindblom, mayor of the opposition in Stockholm, Sweden (to be confirmed)

Mícheál Mac Donncha, Dublin City Councilor, Sinn Féin Ireland


Friday, February 8 morning (8:30 am – 12:30 pm)


Coping with inequalities and the rise of the far right across Europe, a progressive vision for our cities and local communities

MEPs:   Dimitris Papadimoulis GUE-NGL MP, Vice-President of Parliament, Syriza;

Angela Vallina MEP GUE-NGL, Izquierda Unida;

Marie-Christine Vergiat (TBC)

Giusto Catania, Palermo City Councilor, former GUE / NGL MEP, Italy

Katerina Notopoulou, Thessaloniki Mayor, Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Greece, Syriza

Ignacio Iglesias Villar, Inequalities in rural areas as a factor in the rise of the far right, Galician

Nazanin Armanian, writer and teacher for a gender perspective in the fight against the far right; Spain


Speakers TBC:


Anne-Sophie Dupont, representative of the Brussels Gathering for the Right to Habitat, Speaker of Luxembourg

Stavros Yerolatsites, Cyprus

Nikos Sakoutis, Popular unity Cyprus